Date: Saturday March 28, 2020 9:30a - 2:30p


This workshop is designed to help you get beyond the basics of your DSLR camera.  Learn how to read your surroundings to take the best possible photographs. Gain skills that will enable you to maneuver through the "Bermuda Triangle" of photography (Aperture/Shutter speed/ISO) without getting lost. [if we've already lost you, don't panic - you're in the right place!]  You'll also learn how to compose your photographs to give them that WOW-factor, and get tips and tricks for organizing your images.


In a nutshell, you'll leave knowing how to take pictures in manual mode, and you'll understand how to read the setting and make appropriate adjustments to deliberately make great photos. 


Please note that this workshop is not intended to teach you how to use all the technical components of your specific camera model. This course will teach you how to take better photographs, but it is not a replacement for the manual that came with your camera. However, you will find that your camera manual makes more sense after attending the class.


This class is also not intended for those who wish to start their own photography business. We will not be covering editing or photography business topics.


The teaching modality is comprised of visual training materials, in-class demonstrations, and hands-on exercises and photo critique.


You'll also receive access to our private PhotoMAMA Facebook page where the learning will continue with photography assignments and critiques.


Ongoing Support:

Photography is a big, ginormous subject to cover in one day, which is why we will establish a private Facebook page where you can continue to seek advice and share your photos with your peers and instructor.



Erin Moore is a portrait photographer based in South Berwick, Maine. She was named "2018 Portrait Photographer of the Year" by Maine's Professional Photography Association. Erin has trained under industry leading photographers from around the world. Her photographs have been published nationally. She has taught almost 100 hobbyists to use their DSLR cameras in manual mode to improve their photography.

Photography Workshop - Sat 3/28/20

  • When you sign up for our photoMAMA workshop, you are taking a seat in the class that we cannot sell to another person. Therefore we do not issue credits or refunds if you do not come to class. You may transfer, gift, or sell your seat to another person if cannot make it on the day of the workshop.

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