Move beyond selfies and discover yourself in fresh new ways as you explore the art of self portraiture. 


Let's face it, we all love a good selfie. We have complete control, we can delete as many of those suckers as we want until we achieve that optimal image:  the right angle, the perfect light, and somehow we look skinnier than our mirror suggests. And if we still aren't happy, we can add a filter to make the whole thing more palletable. The point is, we're in control.


Getting photographed requires a measure of vulnerability, that many of us aren't really ready for. Plus, getting a photoshoot of just yourself feels so vain. We can take a million pictures of our kids but to suggest a photoshoot entirely dedicated to just us? Heck no - I'm not a Kardashian.


Well, I'm here to shatter the myth that it's somehow selfish or vain to get photographed, or to photograph yourself. You deserve to exist in pictures. Your kids deserve to have photos of what you look like at every stage of life.


I would even suggest that not existing in pictures because you don't like the way you look is the ultimate act of vanity. It's actually quite selfish to let your life pass by without capturing what you look like at least once every 5-10 years. This is the YOU in other people's memories.


It's time to capture that you.


Self portraiture is the easy answer. You still get to control everything, you can be free, alone, experimental, and creative and no one has to know about any of it, except you.


You can still delete the horrific ones and no one will ever know.


These pictures are for you and if you share them, for the generations that will come after you.


This is not a photography class, this is a self portraiture class. You can use your camera or your iphone - it doesn't matter. We will not be discussing technical photography (that's our digital photography essentials class) - THIS class is about exploring self portraiture using whatever camera you have. We'll explore types of self portraits, techniques, lighting, angles, and more. 


The class will meet on Wednesday evenings in Feb via our private FB group for 4 weeks.

The Art of You (self portraiture course)