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preparing for your photoshoot
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Thank you for booking your photo session with us! We are honored that you've chosen us to capture your family, and thrilled that the portraits from our session will adorn your home and illustrate the pages of your family's history book. We truly can't wait for your session! 


We typically schedule outdoor photoshoots during "the golden hour" - which is around 7:30p in June and 3:30p in November. If you have little ones you'll want to arrange nap times so that your little ones are in optimal spirits for your session. We will meet you at the agreed upon location at your session time.

We don't rely on extended forecasts, if on the day of your session it looks like it's going to be raining at your shoot time, then let's talk about rescheduling. Unless there are some extended circumstances (ie: family traveling in from out of town, a hurricane, etc), we don't typically reschedule sessions until the day of the shoot. 


"What to wear" is one of the most frequently asked questions. Our answer: where what you love!

We don't want you to match (ie: everyone in solid colored shirts and khakis), instead, we encourage "coordinating" - which is choosing a color palette and weaving those colors throughout. You could work within a color family, like: "earth tones", "nautical vibe",  or "grey/blush/sage". You can also see what Old Navy has on the racks (they often coordinate outfits throughout the store). Or scour Pinterest or hire a stylist. In terms of a strategy, we suggest outfitting mom first, then once she feels good, figure everyone else out. Mom gets first dibs.

A few other tips: for babies we recommend rompers over dresses, we love colors and patterns - don't be afraid of them, accessorize (bows, fun socks, etc), and pay attention to details (no stains, holes, wrinkles, etc)


What to bring:

  • Your typical on the go bag with spare diapers, clothing, snacks - whatever you normally pack. 

  • A favorite toy or lovie.

  • An activity to make the shoot interactive (ball, frisbee, bubbles - whatever you want to incorporate, if anything).

  • Bribes (bribes should not be messy and should not be given during the shoot unless necessary). 

What to avoid:

  • Too much sun exposure before your session (sunburns, etc).

  • Eating heavily dyed food/drink beforehand (blue tongues, red kool-aid lips, etc)

  • Tops that show more skin than you want in your photo (v-necks, sleeveless if you don't love your arms, midriff if you don't love your tummy, mini-skirts/dresses that will make sitting/squatting difficult). 

  • Pre-shoot snacks (check for food in teeth, wipe around noses and lips of little ones.

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We shoot at a lot of beautiful locations around the NH/ME seacoast. Some locations may not look beautiful to you, but if it's a location we're recommending, that means the light works with the elements to make it beautiful through our lenses. Feel free to peruse our FB feed or the "locations album" if you'd like some ideas.

If you are bringing a furry family member, please check if the location allows dogs. All dogs must be leashed at all locations. Don't forget the treats and poo bags (ew, sorry) - and someone to handle your pooch.


We are open to your location ideas as well!


After your session we typically post a "sneak peek" on Facebook (unless you specify that you don't want one), within 24 hours. Feel free to tag yourself in your picture or share it to your profile. You'll receive a link to your gallery of images within 14 days.


Mini-sessions: Your gallery will contain the number of edited images you pre-paid for and you'll receive a PIN to download them.


Full sessions: Your gallery will contain 30+ edited images, which you can purchase as prints or digital images. Pricing is here.

Galleries expire in 5 days. There is a $25 administrative fee to re-load galleries.

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