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Headshots & Business Branding

Your personal brand is more important than ever before. Every person in every business can benefit from a dynamic headshot. Does your current headshot represent the best you?


Trained by one of the industry’s top headshot photographers and backed by a graduate level education and a 15-year career in Human Resources, Erin Moore has the vision, skill and experience to create a winning headshot for you. Over the last six years Erin has posed and photographed thousands of individuals, making Mercy Street Studio one of the Seacoast’s most successful modern portrait studios.­

Individual Headshot 

  • 15 minute studio session

  • Up to 3 looks

  • Proofing gallery


On-location Headshots

  • We bring our studio lighting and equipment to your office, so that we can photograph the whole team during one convenient session. contact us for pricing and availability.

See-Level Visual Brand Stories

  • Your business has a story to tell, and each image is worth a thousand words, likes, shares.... Let us show you how our business brand photography can bring you fame and fortune! The conversation starts here.

Headshots & Personal Branding
Business Branding
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