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preparing for your maternity session

We are so happy that you have chosen Mercy Street Studio to photograph this special time. We typically schedule maternity sessions somewhere around 32-36 weeks.

We offer two types of maternity sessions: mini (15 minutes) and full (one hour). Our mini-sessions take place in our South Berwick studio and full hour sessions can take place indoor or outdoor. Both types of sessions can include immediate family members.

Expect us to ask you how you envision yourself being photographed. "Maternity pictures" can mean total nudity to one person, a flowy gown in a field to another, and plaid and jeans to another. We are interested in creating the images YOU envision for yourself. Feel free to peruse our maternity pictures in our FB album for inspiration or on our website, here.


Preparing for your session

If possible, pamper yourself on the day of your session. Get a manicure (your fingers will be in the photos) - natural colors work best. Have your hair and makeup done (or do it yourself). Get good rest, and drink lots of water. We know...very idealistic - especially if you already have kids at home. How about this: just do your best and we'll take it from there ;-)

Hot tip: The Crown in South Berwick offers discounted hair & makeup services to our clients.



What to bring

If you are borrowing one of our dresses, please wear or bring nude/flesh-colored underwear and a strapless bra if possible.

If you wish to incorporate props into your session, don't forget to pack them! (ultrasound photo, baby shoes, signs, etc). These items are not required, totally your preference.

If you have Pinterest ideas, feel free to email them to us in advance of your session.


Your belly is perfect

We frequently hear mamas lament about the shape of their bellies or bodies and we're just going to squash that talk right here and now. Your belly and your body are perfect because it's your baby's first home! No matter if it's a mansion or a double-wide, it's perfect to it's #1 resident and it's perfect to us! 

We understand stretch marks and swollen parts - that's part of the process! Please tell us if you'd like us to minimize those in editing, or if you'd like us to leave them as is. There is no right or wrong choice. We are happy to accommodate your requests!

Either way, we'll photograph you using angles that flatter (easier to do in the studio) and show off the beauty of your body during this miraculous stage.


After your session

We typically post a sneak peek image on our FB page within 24 hours (unless you ask us not to). Feel free to tag yourself, share it, or use it as your new profile pic!

A link to your full gallery will be emailed to you within 14 days.

Mini-sessions: your gallery will include a PIN to download the number of images you purchased with your session.

Full-sessions: your gallery will contain at least 30 images for you to choose from and purchase as prints or digital images.

Galleries stay open for five days. Once a gallery expires there is a $25 administrative fee to reload.


Relax & enjoy

Everyone feels nervous before their session. It is totally normal. Once we start shooting, those nerves will fade away and you will actually have fun!

In these Covid-times, PLEASE reschedule your session if you have ANY symptom of ANY illness.

Photographing or filming any part of the session is prohibited. If you would like to take a behind the scenes picture for a specific reason, please discuss this with your photographer.

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